Belle Monroe & Her Brewglass Boys
Play for Senator Hillary Clinton Fundraiser

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We think it is wonderful of the Senator to support Bluegrass
music in this way, and great for a British girl to be a key figure!

March 2002
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BM&BGB with Senator Clinton

Penny for 'em...

Hillary receives a CD...

... then shows it off!
Senator Hillary Clinton hosted a political fundraiser for Senatorial candidate Mark Pryor at the Log Cabin in the Presidio in San Francisco. The theme was 'Down Home & Bluegrass' and a bluegrass band was needed to play for the event.

Belle Monroe and Her Brewglass Boys (web site) were selected and reportedly had a ball. The band is very dynamic and was very well received. Catering was by top Bay Area chef Alice Waters, of Chez Panisse, who took good care of the band as well, much to their delight!

San Francisco Chronicle major interview with Belle Monroe
Podcast from the article

Shhh... Secret... Belle is the NWBN Editor's daughter...

Bluegrass Band line-up: Jordan Klein (banjo), Ted Silverman (mandolin), Hillary Clinton (superstar), Tom Drohan (bass), Belle Monroe (aka Pam Brandon, guitar) and Rick Hendricks (dobro). Fiddle player Dianna Greenberg was sick.

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