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Slantigrath May 2000
"Easy Pickings" - a method. November 1999
Tennessee Stud July 1999
Beaumont Rag January 1999
Carcassi Study November 1998
Bill Cheatham (G) July 1998
Soldiers Joy (G) May 1998
Salty Dog: A Break Analysis March 1998
Durham's Bull January 1998
Gold Rush (in A) July/Sept1997
President Garfields Hornpipe Bb - G 3rd March 1997
Blackberry Blossom (in G) January 1997
Billy in the Lowground (in G) November 1996
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Mando Tabrite
& Midi files

Mando Musedit files

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Salt Creek (River) (Musedit) February 2002
Keep on the Sunny Side (Musedit) April 2001
Cabin In Caroline May 2000
Dusty Miller July 2000
Snowball March 2000
Bungalow Baby January 2000
Love Please Come Home September 1999
Turkey In The Straw July 1999
Rachel - a Bluegrass Break May 1999
Blackberry Blossom - a variation March 1999
Big Mon January 1999 January 1999
Rawhide September 1998
In The Pines (G) July 1998
St.Annes Reel (D) May 1998
Banks of the Ohio (In F) March 1998
Sailaway Ladies (in G) January 1998
Jingle Bells Breakdown (in G) November 1997
8th of January July/Sept 1997
Roll In My Sweet Baby's Arms (in G) May 1997
Gold Rush (in A) March 1997
Bluegrass Breakdown (in G) November 1996


Zip archive of
Tabrite & Midi files

OldRugged Cross May 1999
Goosebumps May 1997
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Tabrite & Midi files

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Pony Express April 2001
Bluegrass Breakdown Dec 2000
Bill Cheatham Sept 2000
Number Nine July 2000
Blue Night May 2000
Back Up and Push March 2000
The Grey Eagle (All parts) November 1999and Jan 2000
Liza Jane September 1999
Cotton Eye Joe July 1999
Old Kentucky Home May 1999
Sacramanto March 1999
Big Mon January 1999 January 1999
Big Spike Hammer (G) November 1998
East Tennessee Blues (C) July 1998
Aura Lee (Love me Tender) G May 1998
Sailaway Ladies (Open G) March 1998
Bury Me Beneath The Willow (open G) January 1998
Jingle Bells (in open G) November 1997
Foggy Mt.Breakdown (a simple break) September 1997
Oklahoma Run (C) July 1997
Gold Rush (A - G shapes capo 2) May 1997
Arkansas Traveller in D out of G tuning March 1997
John Hardy in G out of G tuningJanuary 1997
Rigid Digit A rolls-based finger exercise January 1997

Our regular tablature contributors are very highly regarded in their fields.
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   Banjo (Bluegrass and
   Old-Time Clawhammer)

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