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The NWBN Mission Statement
The NWBN is a non-profit, altruistic, unpaid-staff organisation whose object is to help in improving the lot of the North West England pickers and singers (or any others who are interested) and to help improve and develop the Bluegrass scene in our (small) North West region of England, by improving communications.

It aims to be very informative with a lot of editorial content and a high standard of literacy and presentation and of interest to anyone anywhere in the world. The norm we aimed for in the printed version was 20 A4-size pages (10 sheets) and about 18,000  words, plus tabs and photos, but now we try to do the same in the web-only version.  It's a 'labour of love'! But unfortunately I find there is less and less time available as family and other pressures build up. Plus I'm getting older and it's time to devote more time to other things. So now I am slowly winding down the NWBN.

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How we paid for it

The non-profit NWBN, with unpaid staff, was paid for by a growing number of Sponsors who each paid £5.00 per annum (about $8.00) and some made extra donations. Note that Sponsorships were not subscriptions and conferred no rights - they were donations, really.

The printed version has ceased to be produced - the September 2000 edition was the last one, so Sponsorships are also finished. Please read the September Editorial.

However, it still costs a lot of money for phone calls, postage, photography and travelling expenses to produce the web-only version, so we have to get money from somewhere to continue when the current funds run out.

Any small donations are very welcome...

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