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Rohrbacher Titanium Acoustic Guitar Strings
An Innovation For Guitarists

Rohrbacher Technologies (Bordentown, NJ.) has released two new products: Phosphor Bronze wound and Nickel wound versions of the world's first Titanium Acoustic Guitar Strings. After two years of research and process development, Rohrbacher Technologies has reinvented the guitar string from "first principles." The NJ company is credited with several patent pending innovations including a special titanium alloy core, an "electrochemically matched" material construction, and a polymeric sheathed-end designed for use with high temper windings. "If you really want to make a difference," says Pete Rohrbacher, General Partner of Rohrbacher Technologies, "you can't use the same materials and processes that people have used for the past 100 years; you have to be willing to make a dramatic change, and that's exactly what we have done."

They claim that the new titanium alloy core strings are longer lasting than conventional steel core strings, and are also lower in tension at equivalent diameters. The strings are constructed with electrochemically-matched materials to eliminate the corrosion problems that normally arise from moisture and perspiration by-products during end-use. The wound strings are constructed from higher temper winding alloys to minimize stress relaxation, and to enhance the higher harmonics that give the strings their characteristically "bright" tonal qualities, according to Rohrbacher. The polymeric sheathed-ends are used to restrain the high temper windings from recoil, and to prolong the life of the strings during storage. In combination, these patent pending innovations have culminated in guitar strings with unprecedented longevity and performance characteristics - all without the use of sound-deadening coatings within the speaking section of the string.

Rohrbacher's initial product offerings include low tension Nickel wound strings (corrosion proof), priced at $29.50 per set, and low tension Phosphor Bronze wound strings (corrosion resistant) priced at $19.50 per set. In addition they have developed an educationally comprehensive website which provides a detailed technical treatise on the physics and chemistry behind musical instrument strings, as well as an in-depth look at the new products. Several experimental results are presented together with illustrations of accelerated corrosion tests that demonstrate the advantage of RohrbacherTM Titanium Acoustic Guitar Strings. The world's first Titanium Acoustic Guitar Strings are available for purchase at

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1 May 2003