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North West Bluegrass News
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Guidelines for Contributors

We welcome general interest articles, letters to the Editor, detailed accounts of North West events, briefer accounts of wider newsworthy items, reviews, tablatures (with discussion), etc.

Please try to send a photo of yourself with your article, tab, etc.

Please send things, in order of decreasing preference;

  1. Via e-mail Write to the Editor (and, if possible, phone 01244-683563 to let me know, or send two messages to be sure!);
  2. On an IBM-DOS disk (3.5") in plain text (ASCII) format or in Microsoft Word format, plus a paper copy. Please be understanding.... Getting material onto a disk isn't difficult, and everyone knows someone who will do it for them or is dying to show them how to do it. Don't delete your file;
  3. In dense black-on-white double-spaced plain type face - preferably Courier New (but not itallic or script, etc.) for 'scanning' into a word processor. Use a largish font size (12 point minimum). Keep a copy;
  4. Hand-printed or, last resort, hand-written - but neither can be scanned in. Really only suitable for short items (brief letters, ads, etc.). But if you really must then just write it.... But keep a copy!

Tabs must be set out very carefully, with all timing and bars clear to follow, and checked carefully for errors. Please send introductory and explanatory notes and other discussion if possible; these add to the usefulness and add interest for non-players.

Sending photos: They must be in focus. If you sent a scan it must be very good quality, in focus and high resolution. I can do something with poor colour but not poor resolution. It is best to send the photo or preferably the original negative (if possible) - I have a dedicated negative scanner that produces results better than prints.

Letters are assumed to be for publication unless stated otherwise.

We reserve the right to edit contributions for clarity and/or brevity. If drastic editing or cutting is required, the piece will be returned to you with helpful comments. Photos are desireable and essential with long articles (1000 words). Very long articles can be serialised.

Thanks for your help!

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