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North West Bluegrass News
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Be sure you are reading the latest page updates...

Many of our NWBN pages (e.g. What's On, Clubs, Festivals, Links, etc., etc.) are updated very frequently, but you might not be getting the latest versions. Why not? Read on....

When you re-visit a site the content might have changed but your browser doesn't notice and you get out-of-date information.  This is because it has come out of a cache on your hard disk or somewhere else.

To be sure you are reading the latest version of the page press and hold down the Shift key and either (a) click on the "refresh" button in your browser or (b) press the F5 key in IE. This should force it to go to the site for the latest update.

But if that doesn't work go to the browser's (IE) Tools menu, select "Internet Options" and click on the "Settings" button. Under "Check for new versions of stored pages" select the "Automatically" radio button.

If that doesn't work open the Internet Options again and click "Delete Files", which clears your cache and forces IE to go back for the updated page.

Tip: To get more screen space for viewing web pages in Explorer press the F11 key.
Press F11 again to return to normal.

Note: If the second press on F11 doesn't return it to normal go to the taskbar, right-click on the icon for the IE page in question and click on 'Restore'. You can also do this to shut down IE pages that won't let you close them any other way, but by clicking 'Close' instead.

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Updated 20th March 2004