G4UXD's gory details (plus This site gives full details of the widely-acclaimed QSO-format G4WXL/G4UXD Supa-Tuta Morse Code (CW) Tuition (Trainer or Tutor) software/program/programme, as recommended by RSGB Morse Examiners, plus UK (GB) Morse test requirements for Radio Amateur (hams). Ideal for Koch method lessons/use of Key.
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Me with my Gold Star 100HF #780234
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HI! I'm Derek and I'm an ex Senior Lecturer in Chemistry.The teaching was great but the the extremely time-consuming admin was too often a waste of time. Life was getting hard; anyone who has read Scott Adams'  wonderful bookThe Dilbert Principle (ISBN 0-88730-787-6) will know what I mean - but I managed to get early retirement in 1994 at age 57.

I'm fortunate to have been involved in a variety of interests, hobbies and pastimes, including Scouting (Wood Badge from Gilwell Park), Amateur Radio (G4UXD), and Pot-holing (aka spelunking)  (I was a very actuve memember of the Northern Pennine Club and of the Yorkshire Ramblers Club) . That led to major original explorations, (including the Discovery and exploration of Link Pot,  ( Link Pot Exploration-1, exploration-2 ) and Tatham Wife Hole). and a bit of cave filming.
 An unusual interest was blasting (for cave exploration and cave rescue). I held a Police explosives  Certificate (called a bang licence by cavers) for 20 years'

I did a lot of Computing, Programming, and Caravanning. A delight is and always was French Cuisine and tasting wine in the French vineyards. (The latter, together with the steady decline in caving and increased sitting in front of rigs and computers has done nothing for my figure - in my serious caving days I could get through 8", but 12" would be nearer the mark now!). Also I'm heavily into cosmology, quantum mechanics, particle physics and string theory. Alsosymmetry, group theory  and their applications in chemistry.

If you think you need to exercise your brain then get into one of those fscinating science subjects!

In the early 60's I became interested in Folk Music, playing 5-string banjo to accompany my wife Jean. Bluegrass music became an interest from the very early Edale Bluegrass Festival days but it was more recently that I started playing bluegrass, after many years not playing at all. I've resigned myself to the fact that I'll never be really good at it because I have too many other interests, but that didn't stop Jean and I running a very successful Bluegrass music Club in Chester, nor *I'm embarrased to admit to being on the Committee (board) of the British Bluegrass Music Association and onetime Webmaster for the BBMA.

Running the North West Bluegrass News magazine was agreat pleasure even though extremely time consuming!

An unlikely interest was in being the President (1997-20012) of The Association for The Centre of The Universe, which, though it is completely crackers at least has a nice Home Page!

Nosey visitors might like some of our private photo albums... There's a lot of interesting pix there - including us operating asNJ6VT/G4UXD/MM from the Radio Room of the famous WW II submarine  Pampanito in San Francisco Bay; Jean chatting up Edward Teller (a member of the Manhatten project Los Alamos atom bomb project and father of the hydrogen or 'super' bomb) and;more. See our phot albums!

I have held a class A amateur radio licence, G4UXD, for many yeears.
My G4UXD Morse Supa Tuta (tutor) started out as a simple program on a BBC computer to help my XYL (wife) Jean, G4WXL, to learn Morse for her test
. It just developed and expanded until it became quite powerful and well-acclaimed. Of course, what was possible was limited by the capacity of a BBC, but the arrival of PC computers removed that restriction. I learned to program in Pascal and developed the Morse 'Supa-Tuta' over the years into the powerful, sophisticated program that it now is - the one that others are measured by. This is our Amateur Radio website

See us operating the radio on a WWII submarine

Amazingly, I was interrogated by Edward Teller! How many people can say that?

I am an obsessive DIY person. When she was young our daughter used to tell people, "My daddy can do anything with two buttons, a piece of string and an elastic band!" I used to tell her, "don't forget the pop rivets.."  Since then I have discovered something I can't do, and that is to plait (braid) sand., but I wish I could!

So, why the banjo photo? Well, everybody has better rigs and antennas than me.... <g>

BTW: The logo on the T-shirt says "Hard Rock Hotel; San Quentin State Prison." Jean managed to get herself locked up in there! But when they heard her shouting they let her out!

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Updated 19 July 2013