All the links below are our daughter Pam (aka "Belle Monroe")
who lives in San Francisco. Hope you find something interesting!

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Version 18 Jan 2011

To see/hear Pam (aka Belle or D'Lilah) playing and singing, try these links:
(Hint: on the page don't just 'click' - - - do  a 'shift-click' instead  -
it saves having to use the 'Go back' button) and you don't lose the page!)

Note: to view YouTube clips your firewall must allow 'mobile code' and scripts:
These ones are harmless. Also you must have Flash installed.

Belle Monroe and Her Brewglass Boys on You-Tube

D'Lilah Monroe & The Chazz Cats

Pam and Swing with Lost Weekend

With Peter Rowan and others

'Belle Monroe' (our daughter) singing "Your Cheating Heart" on You-Tube:
* With Peter Rowan * With Julio Inglasses

Other You-Tune clips with Pam: The Chazz Cats- a work song clip
With her other band, Lost Weekend: | "You don't know me" |

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