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North West Bluegrass News Magazine
(a searchable online archive with occasional new articles)
The G4UXD Morse Supa-Tuta
(for radio amateurs / hams)
The Association for the Centre of The Universe (ACU)
(a real association, believe it or not!)
Our Holiday home in the South of France
(a stone house in a mediaeval village drowning in wine...)
Derek & Jean's Super-Un-sophisticated Photo Albums
(NOT the usual run-of-the mill stuff!)
Memorial page to Fred Brandon
(for our family and genealogists)
An interesting page about our daughter Pamela
(find out why we are so proud of her!!!!)

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Caving: The Mossdale Caverns Tragedy - 40 years on


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These sites contain information about many subjscts, including San Francisco in California, the Gold Country. The G4UXD Morse Supa-Tuta, covering cw and ham (amateur) radio by G4UXD and G4WXL, bluegrass music, zines, e-zines and magazines are covered. The Association for the Centre of The Universe, photo albums, Saint (St.) alexandre, a mediaeval village in Gard, in the south of France, and its wines are included. Also there is a memorial website for Fred Brandon and his family from Chester (including Marion, Derek and Jean), forgenealogists and genealogy.